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Capria Electric Dry Boat Stacking

Meet the future of dry boat storage.


Our Dry Boat Stacking solution is here to transform the way you get boats in and out of the water through an innovative combination of electric stacking cranes and heavy-duty boat launchers.

With the Capria Dry Boat Stacking solution, you can add at least 30% more boats into your dry stack with a smaller footprint.

Butchart Marine Services offers a premium dry stacking solution enabling marinas and harbours to not only better serve their customers but to improve efficiency and reduce long-term costs.

With just one stacker crane and two launchers, you can get a boat into the water in under 3 minutes.

Butchart Marine Services only works with the best. That’s why we’re delighted to partner with Capria Stacker Machinery — the premium global dry boat stacking provider.

Elevate Your Marina

  • High performance — vastly improve the speed of boat storage and delivery
  • Low maintenance — specifically designed to improve longevity, reduce maintenance and associated costs
  • Cater for practically any boat — can be used for boats up to 15 tons/48 feet (with bespoke solutions available)
  • A higher standard in safety — a safe and controlled environment, with less room for human error, protecting boats and staff
  • Reduce pollution  — zero carbon footprint.  An electric installed solution means no more fuel requirements and no more forklift noise.
  • Eco-friendly and impeccably styled — Integrate and improve your existing look and feel. Upgrade your current dry stack. Don’t buy another diesel forklift, go electric!

When I first saw the Capria Dry Stack solution, I was so impressed by this huge leap in innovation. Most dry stacks use a combination of hoists and forklifts; they’re noisy, inefficient, unsafe and expensive. The Capria solution is leagues ahead and a great addition to the Butchart suite of Marine Services. We’re proud to be the exclusive Capria dealer for Australasia

Greg ButchartCEO Butchart Marine Services

Who is Capria?

CAPRIA is a high-precision metal and machine manufacturing company; they’re the number one semi-automated machinery supplier for dry-stacks in Argentina.

With over 50 years of manufacturing experience, they are a global leader in the production of high-quality, durable, and complex components and specialized machinery.

This experience has helped strengthen their position as the leader in automated store systems and machinery required for dry-stacks.

Capria stacker cranes and their heavy-duty boat launchers are; automated, semi-automated or manual, depending on your’ needs. All their electronic components are from leading brands.

CAPRIA dry-stacks pride themselves on being; low maintenance, high-performance and eco-friendly. They also work with their clients design aesthetic to make sure they seemlessly merge with any construction and always look great.

Butchart Marine Services choose to partner with Capria as they see their dry-stack as the best dry boat storage solution. With over 30 years of experience and having worked with the leading marinas across Australia New Zealand and Asia, they should know.


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