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Roodberg Boat Handling

Dutch ship-and-yacht-building industry is one of the best in the world.

Roodberg develop, produce and supply top of the line hoisting and transportation systems for (naval) ship and repair yards, yacht builders and marinas. They use innovative technologies for this, which are based on over 70 years of experience in designing and building both hydraulic and electric hoisting and transportation systems. Roodberg is a trade name of Frisian Industries B.V.

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Roodberg Boat Handling Photos

Roodberg Trailer HBC15

Roodberg Trailer HBC20

Roodberg Trailer RBT30

Roodberg Trailer HBC38

Roodberg Trailer RBT47

Roodberg Trailer RBT60

Roodberg Trailer HBC60

Roodberg Trailer HBT80

Roodberg Trailer SST100

Roodberg Transporter 22t Self-Propelled

Roodberg Transporter 30t Self-Propelled

Roodberg Transporter 45t Self-Propelled

Roodberg Transporter 60t Self-Propelled

Roodberg Transporter Cradle

Roodberg Transporter 100t

Roodberg Travel Lift PHA25

Roodberg Travel Lift PHA35

Roodberg Travel Lift PHA50

Roodberg Travel Lift PHA65

Roodberg Travel Lift PHA80

Roodberg Travel Lift PHA100

Roodberg Travel Lift PHA150

Roodberg Travel Lift PHA200

Roodberg Travel Lift PHA300

Roodberg Crane SPC20

Roodberg Crane SPC30

Roodberg Crane SPC40

Roodberg Crane SPC80

Roodberg Storage

Tow Tug

Easily move trailers, caravans, boats, helicopters, carts, trolleys and more.

Boat Stands

The fastest, safest and most reliable way to store boats out of the water

Boat Handling

Top of the line hoisting and transportation systems for ship and repair yards, yacht builders and marinas

Boat Stack

Meet the future of dry boat storage.