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Many marine hardstands, marinas and other businesses specialising in repairs and maintenance of vessels in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific conduct these services within a shed.

A Roodberg hydraulic trailer allows the operator to quickly and safely launch a vessel. A Roodberg hydraulic trailer sits under the vessel, so you don’t need to leave space each side for a travel lift. Now you can maximise your shed space.

The Roodberg hydraulic trailer is roughly half the price of a comparable capacity travel lift.

Click the video below to see how the Roodberg hydraulic trailer moves a Princess 72 from the shed to the water in a quick, safe and efficient manner.

For a longer version of this video please click here.

The Roodberg hydraulic trailer is quite simply one of the most secure, versatile and efficient ways to launch and recover vessels to and from your hardstand. They are available in a wide range of different configurations and/or capacity from 5t to 100t.

A Roodberg hydraulic trailer is a fantastic asset for any Marina, boatyard or maintenance facility. 

All Roodberg hydraulic trailers have a galvanised body as standard and have variable width, height and length adjustment.

Hydraulic adjustment of all functions can either be controlled manually or by remote control, so the operator has full vision all around the vessel.

The most efficient and time-saving way to launch a vessel from your work shed and into the water.

Roodberg Hydraulic Trailers – Boat transportation, perfected. 

  • Sizes to fit virtually ANY target market

  • Premium quality, low maintenance

  • A hydraulic towing system that combines speed with safety

  • Fully adjustable to fit virtually any hull shape