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Brownell Boat Stands

The Brownell name is synonymous with quality and reliability.


Over 50 years ago, David “Fred” Brownell revolutionized the way that boats were stored with his invention of the Brownell Boat Stand. Since then, their boat stand system has been proven to be the fastest, safest and most reliable way to store boats out of the water. It is the unique design of Brownell Boat Stands that allows boat yards to be able to store more boats per square foot, allowing them to maximize space and increase revenue.

When not in use, the unique stacking and nesting design of the Brownell Boat Stands allows them to be neatly stored without taking up a lot of space. Today, it is possible to see the eye-catching blue and orange products of Brownell Boat Stands at professional boat yards and marinas all over the world.

Some of the features that have helped Brownell to earn a trusted reputation for quality include:

  • sizes to fit virtually ANY boat
  • lifetime warranty
  • allows for storage of more boats in the yard than any other boat stand system
  • solid steel, ACME threaded adjustable rod
  • superior welded construction
  • stacking and nesting design for storage when not in use
  • hot dip galvanized or dipped in paint for extra protection
  • independently tested and have a certified safe working load of 20,000 pounds / 9,100 kgs

Brownell Boat Stand Shop

  • BD3: Boat Dolly

    $3,000.00 Add to Quote
  • SB4GV: 3’ Sailboat Stand- V-Top – Hot Dip Galvanized

    $450.00 Add to Quote
  • BRB16G: 16″ Keel Bench – Hot Dip Galvanized

    $527.00 Add to Quote
  • BLT4 – Trailer Mounted Boat Lift

    $1,455.00 Add to Quote

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