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Butchart Marine Services are the preferred boat stand supplier to Sydney’s Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club. The club has a full range of Brownell Boat and Keel Stands that will increase safety, efficiency and also to make sure that the club is using correct equipment that is designed specifically for the standing of boats. This is an important requirement for the club’s staff, contractors, members and external customers of this prestigious yacht club on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

For more information on the Brownell Safety Course, please get in touch with Greg or go to and follow the links.

Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club chose Brownell Boat Stands

Brownell Boat Stands can handle any hull shape.

Right now the government’s new Instant Asset Write Off (IAWO) threshold means you may be able to right off a your new Brownell Boat Stands after the threshold increased to $150,000. This new scheme has been extended until December 31st. Please contact your accountant for further advice.

Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club chose Brownell Boat Stands 2

Brownell Boat Stands – Made in the USA. Synonymous with quality and reliability.

Brownell Boat Stands are recognised within the industry as the market leader and supplier to the marine industry.

  • Sizes to fit virtually ANY boat
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Allows for storage of more boats in the yard than any other boat stand system
  • Solid steel, ACME threaded adjustable rod
  • Superior welded construction
  • Stacking and nesting design for storage when not in use
  • Hot-dip galvanised or dipped in paint for extra protection
  • Independently tested and have a certified safe working load of 9,100kg