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Brownell’s Boat Racks are the simplest storage solution on the market, designed to safely store a boat for service or for wash down.

  • Rated to 9,100kg each.
  • For use with Fork Lifts and Roodberg Hydraulic Trailers
  • Ideal for wash downs and service at Dry Stack facilities
  • Fast and Efficient
  • Compact for storage when not in use
  • Use Brownell Boat Stands for additional support/longer term storage
  • Made in USA from 100% American steel
Item # Description Weight Dimensions
BRBG Boat Rack for Bow 27kg 700mm x 620mm x 760mm
BRS41G Boat Rack for Stern 31kg 790mm x 1,050mm x 760mm
BRBXG Boat Rack for Bow 58kg 1,320mm x 860mm x 1,210mm
BRS41XG Boat Rack for Stern 57kg 1,360mm x 1,050mm x 1,210mm

For more information on Brownell Boat Stands or the Brownell Safety Course please contact Greg or go to and follow the links.


Instant Asset Write Off

Don’t forget that right now the government’s new (IAWO) threshold means you may be able to right off a your new Brownell Boat Stands after the threshold increased to $150,000. Please contact your accountant for further advice.