TLCPAD: Plastic and TPE Pad


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Brownell TLC Boat Pads TLCPAD are designed to give your boat that Tender Loving Care that it deserves, protecting your boat’s finish and providing drainage to eliminate moisture on the hull. Our TLC pad can be mounted to any type of Brownell Boat Stand or adjustable trailer.

Like other Brownell products, our TLC Boat Pads are 100% made in the USA. The TPE surface of the TLC Boat Pad protects the delicate finish of your boat, including epoxy, gel coat or even a fine wooden craft. Fasteners are included and any Brownell Boat Stand can now be ordered with the TLC pad instead of plywood. Just add “TLC” to the item number, such as SB-2TLC, and we will include the matching TLC Boat Pad with your order.

Brownell Boat Stands have a solid reputation within the marine industry and are known by professionals all over the world to be the best quality boat stands ever made. Our TLC Boat Pads work with our top of the line boat stands to create an unbeatable combination to protect your boat while it is in storage.